Our Products

oRDER Summer Bundle
oRDER Any Size Honey
oRDER Honey butter
oRDER Special Bundle
oRDER Any Size Honey

Purchase our products locally at these locations.

Cashwise in Moorhead, MN

Central Market – Detroit Lakes, MN

Bongards Creameries – Perham, MN

Mills Country Market – New York Mills, MN

Tools and More – Lake Park, MN

Hawley Stems of Joy – Hawley, MN

Manna House – Detroit Lakes, MN

Pelican Meat Locker – Pelican Rapids, MN

Hoofmans Meat Locker – Detroit Lakes, MN

Brown Eyed Susan’s – Pelican Rapids, MN

The Pines – Perham, MN

The Shop at Dunvilla – Dunvilla, MN

A Clean Plate – Menhaga, MN

Down Home Foods – Wadena, MN

Family Owned & Operated

Harvested at Knapper Honey Farm & Pollination services LLC.
Located in Lake Park, MN

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